Virgin Coconut Oil

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL is a natural, clear oil extracted from the freshly and selectively harvested matured coconut kernel. The unique process retains vital inherent nutrients in the oil as well as the fresh scent and taste of coconut. No chemical is added during processing.

DescriptionStandard Specification

100% Pure Coconut Oil

Used externally in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry and also used orally as functional food and health products.


  1. 180kg packed in plastic or steel drum
  2. 5kg/10kg/25kg jerry cans
  3. 120ml/250ml/500ml/1000ml bottles
  4. 10ml sachet


  1. Store the product at room temperature.
  2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat.
  3. The storage condition must be clean, odor free, and dry.
  4. The product is naturally solidified below 25°C, however, this does not affect the quality. In case of solidification, soak packing in lukewarm water to liquefy.

Shelf Life:
Under good storage conditions, the shelf-life is 2 years in its original unopened packing.

H.S. Code:

Country of Origin:
Malaysia / Indonesia

Organoleptic Characteristic
Parameter Description
Color and Appearance Water Clear or Colorless (A fully transparent oil at about 30°C)
Taste Bland, Free from rancid or sour taste.
Odor Free from rancid odor and contains a mild sweet coconut aroma.
Nutrition Information Per 100g Product
Parameter Description
Energy 3800 kJ/ 900 kcal
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrate 0 g
Total Sugar 0 g
Fat 100 g
Consisting of:
Saturated 94 g
-of which Medium Chain Fatty Acids:
C8 Caprylic Acid 9 g
C10 Capric Acid 6 g
C12 Lauric Acid 50 g
Monounsaturated 5 g
Polyunsaturated 1 g
Trans 0 g
Cholesterol 0 g
Physical & Chemical Property
Parameter Description
Moisture Content 0.5% max.
Specific Gravity @ 30°C 0.915 – 0.92
Saponification Value, mg KOH/g 248 - 265
Acid Value, mg KOH/g 0.5 max.
Peroxide Value, meq/Kg 2 max.
Free Fatty Acid (as Oleic acid), % 0.1 max.
Free Fatty Acid (as Lauric acid), % 0.07 max.
Iodine Value 11 max.
Microbiological Property
Parameter Description
Total Plate Count, cfu/ml 10 max.