Nata de Coco

NATA DE COCO is an organic, high fiber, low-calories gelatinous product, cultivated by combining nata forming micro-organisms on coconut water, coconut milk, sugar and acetic acid are added to form an insoluble dietary fibrous tissue assisting in digestion.

DescriptionStandard Specification

NATA DE COCO is one of the highest sources of insoluble dietary fiber, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, no cholesterol and low in fat. Research by Japanese food scientists have also commended that the NATA DE COCO as an excellent deterrent of intestinal cancer and many other gastro-intestinal disorders.

Usage / Application:
NATA DE COCO will be crunchy only when it is sweet and chilled. Therefore, it compliments best with cold drinks, fruit juices, fruit, jelly, pudding, yogurt, salads, cocktail, and ice-creams. It is ideal for Fruit Juices Canning factories, Jelly making factories, Ice-cream/Yoghurt/Drinks factories.


  1. Bulk Packing
    Net weight per tin: 3.00kg
    Drain weight per tin: 2.10kg
    1 carton = 6 tins x 3 kg
  2. Retail Packing
    Net weight per tin: 425g
    Drain weight per tin: 300gm
    1 carton: 24 tins x 425g
    1 x 20’ FCL: 1,500 cartons x 24 tins x 454gm

Store under normal room temperature.

Shelf Life:
3 years

Physical Size available:

  1. 15mm x 15mm
  2. 12mm x 12mm

H.S. Code:

Country of Origin:

Parameter Description
Color Translucent /Opaque White
Flavor Naturally no flavor unless added
Microbiological Commercially Sterilized
Nutrition Information Per 100g Product
Test Parameter Test Method Result
Calories Cal/100g BY CALCULATION 83.2
Calories from Fat Cal/100g BY CALCULATION Not Detected
Saturated Fat % GC Not Detected
Cholesterol ppm HPLC Not Detected
Sodium Na ppm AAS 20.5
Carbohydrate % BY CALCULATION 20.8
Dietary Fiber % AOAC 985.29 4.12
Sugar % MUNSON-WALKER 21.8
Protein (N x 6.25) % KJELDAHL Not Detected
Vitamin A ppm HPLC 5.4
Vitamin C ppm HPLC 45.5
Calcium Ca ppm AAS 15.1
Iron Fe ppm AAS 2.2