J Mitra Sdn. Bhd. has vast experience in the marketing and manufacturing of a wide variety of natural coconut products.  We supply the coconut products to the food processing industry in the domestic and global markets since 1999. 

Our major products are coconut cream powder, desiccated coconut, creamed coconut, coconut milk and nata de coco.

We also supply the products under customers’ brands both in bulk and retail packing for global markets. We offer our products at a competitive price backed by good service and consistent product quality.

Our products are manufactured under stringent rules of hygiene in order to comply with the food regulations and standard enforced by the recognized bodies.

We take pride in working as partners with local and international customers in ensuring regular and constant supply with prompt delivery.  We are recognized and trusted as a reputable supplier of natural coconut products.

We export our products to countries such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Central America, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
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